I wish REI was a national management company.  I need you guys on my other properties I own around the country.

 - Anne Torreano 


There should be an “easy button” for REI Liaison’s services. Thank you! 

 - Jeremy Sager  


Thanks so much! You rock!

 - Josh Romano


You have been such a pleasure to work with!

 - Lisa Grubbs 


I'm very grateful I found you because you have showed us somebody does care and someone’s on our side you have kept us n the loop all the way and it helps with the stress level because I feel you are doing a great job.

 - Treecie Cornell


Thanks for your valuable opinions – greatly appreciated!

I can not express how much Pauline and I appreciate the professional manner you are operating with and the help you are providing at this time.

 - Ian Knabel


 I appreciate your hard work.We know that renting our house out is just as important to you as it is to us.  

 - Tyler Harger 


We are so thankful to have you working for us.

- Larry and DeAnne Slaughter


Wow, what a difference you made. The property looks amazing. You should do a side-by-side of the old stove and new one and them to (old property management company). Picture says a thousand words.

 - Colin Taylor


Hey Guys, 

I would like you guys to know that the tenant at 9 Fairgreen is really happy with the job done at the property – both – screen doors and the garage roof. He said you guys did an awesome job!


- Sareema


Thank you for sending these. The place looks fantastic! Wonderful job. Please let me know if there are any issues with the inspection. I look forward to getting it back on the rental market.


 - Anji Wall


YEAH Laura!!!! We are both so excited!! We are so lucky to have you as our agent!!! Thanks!!

Thanks for all your help Laura...you are the best agent ever!!

- John and Maggie Doyle



Carrie and I would like to thank you and Laura for doing such a great job finding a tenant for our property. You have been a huge part of our transition into a new phase our our lives and we are immensely grateful for that. 

-Nik and Carrie Johnsson


I am again and again surprised how reliable person you are!!! You treat the purchase as it's yours!!!

- David Govari

Hey Laura and Eileen,

Thanks for all of your efforts on this.  Very much appreciated…   We really appreciate you going the extra distance with the little things that have popped up in the course of the main work. 

-All the best, Steve and Arian   



Thanks for the excellent follow up.

- Jeff Newton



You rock.

-Russ Caplin

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